Eyewash stations are equipment used to drench or flush the eyes with water when hazardous materials come in contact with it. They are designated decontamination areas for the eyes. Many different substances can come into contact with the eye but some are corrosive and can severely harm the eyes.

The conditions of the workplace will determine the use of emergency eyewash stations. Eye-injuries can occur due to debris piercing the eye or exposure to chemical substances. If an employee is exposed to something it is important that they flush their eyes out thoroughly.

It is recommended that if the eyes have been contaminated by a hazardous substance it is important to flush for 25- 20 min. this is important because the flushing process should cease any irritation before seeking medical attention. The use of an eye wash station is important because, in some workplaces, employees run the risk of being exposed to hazardous substances. An eyewash station adds extra precaution in ensuring the health and safety of employees.

Having an eyewash station installed in the workplace also means that the business is complying with requirements of general safety regulations. Eyewash stations are required to be present in workplaces where employees may be exposed to the potential hazard of injury to the eye. This is through the contact of a biological or chemical substance. Installing eyewash stations will ensure that you comply with legal requirements.