Spills can be detrimental and you must prepare for a spill. Having the appropriate spill kit and the knowledge on how to use it effectively can help clean up a nasty spill quickly and cheaply. We will be discussing the oil spill kit and the oil anti-static spill kit. Each of these spill kits is unique and needs to be used correctly because they are meant for different uses.

Oil spill kits are used to clean-up grease and any kind of oil-based liquids. If the kit has all the necessary items it can ensure that the oil doesn’t leave an undesired effect on the surface that it has spilled on. These spill kits can come in a variety of sizes so the reach of the spilled oil important to consider. An oil spill kit contains several items to help contain and clean-up the oil spill in the safest and most effective way. These are extremely helpful in situations when you need to tackle marine oil spill problems fast.

Oil anti-static spill kits are used to contain and clean up highly flammable or explosive liquids. The equipment in this kit is made specifically for the safe handling and clean-up of these highly flammable and explosive liquids. They are also created to provide means of proper disposal and reporting of all spillages. The equipment in this kit is different from a regular oil spill kit because it is spark-free and will not discharge any static that can cause dangerous fires and explosions.