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  • Universal: Absorbs Oils, Diesels, Fuel and Non-Aggressive Chemicals and the inclusion of water absorption
  • Oil Only:  only limited to Hydrocarbons eg: Oils, Diesels, Fuels, Petroleum based oils
  • Oil Anti-Static: ideal for use with highly flammable or combustible Hydro-Carbons
  • Chemical: Ideal for usage with Aggressive chemicals such as Acids and Bases
  • Biological: Ideal for usage of spillages of Blood, Vomit, Urine or Bodily Fluids
  • Specialty Kits: Such as Glass, Mercury or Food Grade Spill Kits
  • Spill Containment: AfriSupply is the only local manufacturer of Polyethylene Spill Bunds/decks in a 2 Drum, 4 Drum and 1100L/Flow Bin with full 110% Compliance
  • PVC Products: AfriSupply can customise and manufacture to your specifications e.g.: PVC Shelters, PVC Bunds, PVC Truck Mats, Sand Pit Covers, Boat Covers, Tarpaulins
  • First Aid Kits – A wide range, ranging from basic to speciality Paramedic kits
  • Emergency Showers: A wide range of Stainless Steel Models to suit your every need
  • Eye-Wash Stations – A wide range available from Basic to Advance Eye Wash Kits Available
  • Basic Fire Equipment – For your every need available
  • Cabinets _ AfriSupply can assist with Flammable and Fire Proof cabinets in various sizes
  • Recycling Units
  • Consumables – AfriSupply manufactures over 500 different types of spill containment consumables to suit every need EG: Absorbent Booms, Mats, Bunding, Absorbents

It should be noted that all spill skits can be customised according to your requirements. Afrisupply are the industry professionals in Spill Kit management!

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