Environmental and Safety Concerns to consider when transporting HAZARDOUS materials

It is of utmost importance that every proactive measure is taken to ensure that all potential risks to both humans and the environment is considered and minimized when transporting HAZARDOUS materials.


Always keep in mind that should an emergency occur (EG: a Spillage) it is vital that emergency services are aware of the HAZMAT material transported in order to react appropriately and in line with the necessary safety and environmental measures.


Some of the key aspects to always ensure are as follows:

  • Clearly demarcated placarding visibly reflecting the HAZAMAT product transported (by means of the UN index number and its properties eg: Corrosive)
  • Clear placarding on all sides of the vehicle (Left, Right and Back) with mandatory details reflecting the operator contact number (normally an office number for working hours) and a specialist number for after hours (normally a mobile number that can be reached at any hour)
  • An Orange triangle visible on the front of the vehicle clearly reflecting that HAZMAT material is transported
  • A TREM or transport emergency card per HAZMAT product held within a fire proof Orange document clearly listing all properties and impacts on both Human, Animal and Environmental impacts.
  • Serviced Fire Extinguishers –where by each driver has to be trained and aware of how to use
  • HAZMAT License
  • Vehicle Spillage kits – where by each driver has to be trained and aware of how to use
    • Features to look for when choosing a truck spill kit
    • Compact – easily fits in vehicles
    • Sturdy PVC Bag to endure rough handling
    • Waterproof
    • Contains the necessary spill consumables e.g.: Absorbents, Pillows, Containment Booms etc.
    • Contains the necessary PPE for the applicable Hazmat materials


Please note that in the event of a spillage, if your driver does not have access to the necessary spillage kit it is impossible for him/her to adequately react and contain the spillage. First response containment is vital to ensure that the HAZMAT spillage does not spread over a larger surface area or have run off into a storm water drain or river/water way causing massive environmental and health impacts in conjunction with expensive clean up and remediation costs that the transporter is liable for.


A Spill kit is an easy and inexpensive means to reduce costs and impacts to the environment!


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