By making use of Spill kits, be it for oil, diesel or chemicals, your organisation or business is able to control and limit the impact your activities, products or services has on the environment by ensuring proper “ clean up” or disposal of Hazmat materials .

A quick and easy means to align to ISO certification requirements is to have Proactive and Reactive measures in place for minor and major spillages. The best means to be prepared is to ensure that spill kits are on site or in your trucks/tankers and able to be made use of for day-to-day spillages or in the event of major spillages.

It is vitally important to take a proactive attitude to high risk areas which manufacture, load or are exposed to Hazmat materials. In the event of a spillage occurring if you do not have access to adequate spill kits, this immediately results in a situation where by cost, risk to personnel safety and environmental damage is dramatically increased! Having access to spill kits on site and in Truck/Tankers, aids in firstly containing a runaway spill from entering a storm water drain or direct water way, ultimately ending in an open river, dam or the sea, this in turn reduces the coverage area of a spill and thereby reduces the cost and exposure.

Very importantly legislation, such as the Waste Management Act and Hazardous Substances act enforces the responsible end to end management of spillages, this entails that in the event of contamination of rivers taking place the entity or organization is responsible for the full remediation, cost and impacts to both land and man, this as you can imagine can entail hefty costs, fines and even 15 years imprisonment if found negligent.

Day to day spillages need to be managed in an efficient and proper manner. Often industry makes use of saw dust or river sand which has proven be inefficient and ineffective as an absorbent as it does not prevent seepage nor does it encapsulate or Bio remediate hazmat materials, Furthermore River sand or saw dust does not absorb any hazardous vapours and can pose a serious health risk to your teams and most importantly a fire hazard.

AfriSupply is a supplier of premium Coco Peat Absorbent, which is both an efficient and effective means to contain and clean up small and major spillages whilst it actively encapsulates hazmat materials it simultaneously remediates it. Reducing the impact on the Environment!

AfriSupply provides practical on-site Basic Spill Response Response training, that takes your team through the basic 7 Step Spill Response process. Further to this AfriSupply also has a Basic Spill Response Training DVD available (THE FIRST AND ONLY IN AFRICA!)  that will visually take the audience through the exact practical 7 step basic spill response training. Please feel free to view or download at We highly recommend you incorporate out basic spill response training DVD in your Safety Induction training. Our training is available in Zulu, English, French and Portuguese options for your convenience!