Spill kits are specially designed kits that hold a variety of products that can be used to clean up certain spills such as chemicals and oils. The choice of spill kit will determine the spills that you can clean. Here are the different spill kits on offer:

What’s in the kits?

These spill kits are offered in various sizes, ranging between 25 to 10,000 litres. Oil anti-static spill kits are not offered in a size larger than 75 litres, and biological spill kits range between 10 to 100 litres. They are all portable, from hand-held kits to trailer filled kits. The spill kits are comprised of numerous absorbents, a dustpan and brush, a dust mask, safety goggles and more. Each of the products used are specific to the spill. There are also refills on offer.


The types of kits

The kits on offer at AfriSupply are universal spill kits, oil spill kits, oil anti-static spill kits, chemical spill kits and biological spill kits. A universal spill kit is a spill kit that offers a wide range of products that will be effective for use on spills such as oils, diesels and certain chemicals. Oil only spill kits are specifically designed for oil spills, but certain oil spill kits will work on aggressive chemicals. Oil anti-static spill kits are used to clean up oils and repel water. Chemical spill kits can absorb all sorts of chemicals, from acids to bases of all pH levels. Finally, biological spill kits are packed with products and materials that are perfect for cleaning bodily fluids such as blood.