AfriSupply is a premium supplier of Coco Peat Absorbent that is ideal for environmentally friendly spill clean- up of Oils, Diesels, Fuel and Petroleum based Hazmat Spillages. Coco Husk Peat Absorbent is a revolutionary, state of the art oil and hydrocarbon absorbent made from the highest grade of Coco Husk. AfriSupply Coco Peat absorbs oil at a superior rate of approximately 1 pound of product per gallon. A common finding is that saw dust is made use of in the event of day to day spillages or in the event of larger spillages, contrary to popular belief saw dust in not an absorbent nor is it a hydro-carbon, it is a main by-product of sawmills and relatively speaking cheap thus commonly and incorrectly used within industry
AfriSupply Coco peat is a 100% natural, renewable and bio-degradable organic material extracted from the husks of coconuts. Its high lignin and cellular structure makes it an ideal medium with a large capacity for the swift and effective absorption of hydrocarbons, including oil, grease and petroleum.
• Natural, renewable and bio-degradable
• Environmentally friendly and safe to use with a neutral pH
• Rapid absorption
• Easy to handle and transport
• Fast acting – absorbs 90% capacity in under 10 minutes
• AfriSupply Coco Husk Peat Absorbent is a premium absorbent with extraordinary characteristics as it absorbs oil at a superior rate of approximately one pound of product per gallon
• 22Kg absorbs ±220L – rapid absorption
• AfriSupply Coco Husk Peat Absorbent is hydrophobic – it will float and resist absorption of water for weeks while simultaneously “wicking”, sponging and encapsulating hydrocarbons
• Once encapsulated, oil will not normally leach out, to become a threat to the environment. Coco Husk Peat Absorbent holds the oil and with adequate oxygen, catalysis the natural biodegradation of oil into harmless by products through microbial action over a period of less than one year
• AfriSupply Coco Husk Peat Absorbent has a remarkable ability to suppress vapors from volatile, flammable hydrocarbons such as gasoline. By reducing gasoline and similar vapors by up to 90%, risk of explosion is reduced, and a hazardous spill can be made more manageable.
• AfriSupply Coco Husk Peat Absorbent is a 100% organic material and is non-flammable and non-carcinogenic
AfriSupply is Pro-Environment and will gladly assist with your questions or queries for all Hazmat Spillages.