A Proactive Approach to Hazmat Spillages leads to financial gains in the workspace! The benefits of having a spill kit is immeasurable!

In an age where Industry is incentivised and continuously encouraged to minimize the negative impacts on the environment, Spill kits are one of the easiest and mandatory items to have on hand with in the workplace, this is especially the case for Industries that work with Hazardous liquids.

Spill kits are a form of proactive protection against various Hazardous spills such as chemical spills, and oil spills that are advantages to both Employees, the general public and work place Environments.

Read all about the benefits offered by spill kits below:

In short….in the event of a spillage occurring, if you do not have access to adequate spill kits, absorbents, or contained absorbents the cost and risk to personnel safety and the environmental damage dramatically increases!

Having access to spill kits on site and applicable vehicles, aids in immediately containing a run- away spill and there- by dramatically reducing the coverage or affected area, in turn reducing the clean- up and remediation or financial costs!

It is equally important to ensure that you have the correct type of spill kits. It is imperative to always assess the highest risk or highest potential of spillage and to make provision for a spill kit that is namely capable of absorbing that applicable Chemical or Oil, Diesel, Fuel or Hydro-Carbon Spillage!  Pre-packaged

One of the many benefits of using AfriSupply spill kits is that they are pre-packaged. What this means is that, depending on the specifications of the spill kit of choice, it will have all the relevant products and materials to enhance the clean-up procedure. The fact that it is pre-packaged also makes it easier to obtain, and efficient to clean Hazardous spill’s effectively.


Another key advantage about spill kits is that they provide employees and individuals, with the mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely and adequately contain all Hazardous spillages. This will ensure that the containment and cleaning of Hazardous spills is managed safely to all personnel. Always remember SAFETY FIRST!

Legislation, such as the Waste Management Act and Hazardous Substances act enforces the responsible end to end management of spillages. This entails as per example, that in the event of contamination of rivers taking place, the applicable entity or organization is responsible for the full impact and environmental remediation (complete clean-up of the spillage and Environmental financial implications both to land and man. This, as you can imagine can entail hefty costs, fines and even imprisonment if found negligent.

Common practice, whereby saw dust, loose fibre or river sand is used as a cheaper alternative, has been proven to be both inefficient and ineffective as an absorbent. It does not prevent seepage, nor does it encapsulate or Bio-remediate hazmat materials. Furthermore, river sand or saw dust does not absorb any hazardous vapours and can pose a serious health risk to your employees and general public and most importantly, a fire hazard.

AfriSupply specialises in a wide variety of absorbents for petroleum or oil (Hydro-Carbon) based liquids, aggressive chemicals and even Biological spillages (e.g., blood, urine, plasma) and will gladly assist with advising on the best applicable absorbent and spill containment products to make use of.

AfriSupply has also made provision for the first and only Basic Spill first response spill kit training DVD available in English, Zulu, French and Portuguese! The First and only in Africa! Our Training DVD visually and practically outlines the key steps to follow in the event of day-to-day spillages or major spillages. This is highly recommended to include in your organisations SHEQ training programmes and Safety Inductions.

AfriSupply is your specialist supplier of spill kits, absorbents, spill containment and contained absorbents and would like to support you on both your Environmental and Community first initiatives!