AfriSupply offers a speciality water based Hydrocarb Fix Degreaser that is ideal for the cleaning and removal of Hydro-Carbon stains (such as Oil/Hydraulic Oil, Petroleum, Diesel) on concrete, tar, workshop floors, warehouse floors and many more surfaces with the added benefit of AfriSupply Hydrocarb Degreaser being Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly. AfriSupply Hydrocarb Fix Degreaser is high quality, biodegradable water based degreaser. With AfriSupply premium Hydrocarb Fix Degreaser on your side, you can be confident that all residue is removed, and it ensures that your organisation abides by the most stringent health and safety standards.

When making use of AfriSupply Hydrocarb Fix Degreaser it is important to take note of the following important scenarios:
Depending on how old the stain is this varies the amount of dilution that is required. If the stain has been there for a considerable amount time it is always recommended to make use of AfriSupply Hydrocarbon Degreaser in its raw form as this will enable more “pulling” of the Hydrocarb to take place
If the stain is recent, then dilution of the Hydrocarb Fix (as per above recommendation) can take place. The amount of dilution will also vary depending on where the stain took place EG: Concrete, Tar
If the stain has taken place on tar or concrete /or a similar surface which is porous in nature more than one application of AfriSupply Hydrocarb Degreaser is highly recommended and furthermore in its raw form and be allowed to “sweat” the Hydrocarb out (allow it to stand for a time)
AfriSupply is your partner in successful Environmentally friendly solutions and looks forward to working with you.