AfriSupply Hazardous and Flame Proof Cabinets are ideal for the safe and secure housing of Flammable and toxic chemicals. AfriSupply Hazardous and flame proof cabinets are specifically manufactured with ventilated door panels to ensure that flammable or toxic vapours are dispersed safely. All AfriSupply cabinets are fully lockable to control access to dangerous goods. They are also manufactured with a sloping roof panel for extra storage and stainless-steel drip trays to ensure the safe and efficient bunding and catchment of any potential leakages or spillages. Our Cabinets are manufactured in signal yellow to adhere to international safety best practices to signal that flammable or dangerous HazMat’s are present and being stored and should be handled with care.
AfriSupply Hazardous and Flame Proof cabinets are manufactured and available in the following dimensions:
A Full -size cabinet 1800H x 900W x 450D with a total mass of 56kg’s
A Half Size cabinet 900H x 900W x 450D with a total mass of 33kg’s
AfriSupply Hazardous or Flame Proof Cabinets provide the advantage and confidence for optimum safety and security for the storage of your Dangerous Hazmat’s. They also have the further added benefit of being portable, thus allowing them to be moved around your business site as and when your site/business needs change.
Hazardous and Flame Proof Cabinets are available from AfriSupply, the first choice, professional brand in safety and security around your business or facility.