When encountering or dealing with highly flammable Hazmat products it is of utmost critical importance to ensure that AfriSupply premium Anti-Static equipment such as our Polyethylene Spark resistant shovels and AfriSupply Portable Spill kits are utilised to ensure that static or spark discharges are prevented. AfriSupply Portable Anti-Static Spill Kits are a must have when attending to highly flammable chemicals and/or oils/fuel or petroleum based spillages as it ensures the following benefits:
Safety First – ensuring that all spill kits and equipment used is spark free, does not discharge any static which may cause dangerous fires or explosions!
Efficient and speedy response to contain the size and risk of a spillage
Proper handling and clean up of a Hazmat spillage
Proper disposal and reporting of all spillages
. The perfect safety solution, these anti- static bags ensure that no electric build up occurs while using
AfriSupply offers a wide range of products and spill kits to cater for all types of Hazmat Spillages, from, chemicals to oil spills, that will ensure your working environment is as safe as possible.