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We are proud suppliers and specialists of a wide range of spillage kits and spill products ranging from wheelie and truck spill kits to absorbents, mats and containment booms. AfriSupply also has a range of medical kits, safety and protective wear and specialised items such as, fully compliant spill decks/bunds to name a few.

AfriSupply/PVC is a leading South African global specialist manufacturer and supplier of customized PVC products, Hazmat and Pollution Contamination spill kits, containment products and absorbents for a wide variety of Spillages. AfriSupply caters for both the local South African market and International clientele in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Our comprehensive service offering ensures that we customize and fulfil all spill solutions and services to each industry’s specific requirements.

Why make use of Spill Kits?

By making use of Spill kits, be it for oil, diesel, chemicals, or Biological Spillages, your organisation or business is able to control and limit the impact your activities, products or services has on the environment by ensuring proper  “clean up” or disposal of Hazmat materials .A quick and easy means to align to ISO certification requirements is to have Proactive and Reactive measures in place for minor and major spillages. The best means to be prepared is to ensure that spill kits are on site or in your trucks/tankers and able to be made use of for day to day spillages or in the event of major spillages.

It is vitally important that a proactive behaviour is adopted and necessary procedures are implemented in high risk areas where by manufacturing, loading/off loading, warehousing or areas where employees may be exposed to Hazmat materials. In the event of a spillage occurring if you do not have access to adequate spill kits, this immediately results in a situation where by cost, risk to personnel safety and environmental damage is dramatically increased! Having access to spill kits on site and in Truck/Tankers, aids in firstly containing a runaway spill from entering a storm water drain ultimately ending in an open river, increasing the coverage area of a spill and reducing the cost and exposure.

Very importantly legislation, such as the Waste Management Act and Hazardous Substances act enforces the responsible and end to end management of spillages, this entails that in the event of contamination of rivers taking place the entity or organization is responsible for the full remediation, cost and impacts to both land and man, this as you can imagine can entail hefty costs, fines and even 15 years imprisonment if found negligent.

AfriSupply looks forward to assisting you with your every Spill Kit need, and we can customise spill kits to your requirements!

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